Highlights from Brett Sutton’s Sept. 18, 2014 Presentation to Tulare County Bar Association (Judges, Attorneys and those working in the Legal Profession) — Employment Law Update

On Sept. 10, 2014, Gov. Brown signed AB 1522 which will require California employers to provide paid sick leave to employees. The new law goes into effect July 1, 2015.

In Alexander v. FedEx, (Aug. 27, 2014), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that FedEx’s contracted drivers where employees even though FedEx’s policies arguably gave the drivers a great deal of control over their work.

Newly enacted SB 530 prohibits California employers from asking an applicant for employment to disclose “… a conviction that has been judicially dismissed or ordered sealed pursuant to law.”

In Iskanian v. CLS Transportatoin Los Angeles, LLC, (2014), the California Supreme Court held that class action waivers in employment arbitration agreements generally are enforceable, but not to representative actions under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).

Other Topics Covered Included:

  • Joint Employment issues
  • New California Minimum Wage
  • Recent NLRB Cases
  • Employer Investigations