LIVE WEBINAR: Workplace Violence Detection and Prevention Strategies for Employers

By Sutton Hague Law Corporation on February 16, 2019 in

Presented by SHLC Attorney Brett Sutton with special guest Jolee J. Brunton.

Dr. Brunton has been a major contributor to WTS since 1991 in her role as Vice President of Threat Management Services. Most prominently she conducts threat assessment services and training, and consults on the management of mental disorders in workplace contexts. In addition she is the chief psychologist for Focus Psychological Services which she founded in 1984 to provide clinical and consultation services to public safety agencies in the San Diego area. Dr. Brunton is the chief psychologist for the San Diego Police Department, providing consultation on issues such as the use of deadly force, intervention with mentally disordered violent offenders, organizational consultation, conflict management, and clinical services to police personnel. She is certified in hostage negotiation through the Administration of Justice, California State University, San Jose. Dr. Brunton has been an invited participant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s symposia on police psychology and provides training for Hostage Negotiation in conjunction with the FBI’s San Diego office. In addition, Dr. Brunton has over 20 years experience in the assessment, management, and treatment of acute psychiatric patients including those at risk for violence. Throughout her career she has continued an extensive record of workplace crisis and trauma intervention and alternate dispute resolution.

This webinar will be live and interactive.

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