National Restaurant Association to Join in Brief to Nevada Supreme Court

By SHLC on February 11, 2016 in Legal Update

The National Restaurant Association has retained Sutton Hague Law Corporation to submit a brief to the Nevada Supreme Court on its behalf in the case commonly known as Nevada Labor Commissioner v. Hancock, a case which will determine key issues arising from Nevada’s two-tier minimum wage Constitutional provision. (See SHLC Blog Post: In the court filing submitted by SHLC on February 4, 2016, the National Restaurant Association asserts the following:

The National Restaurant Association (the “Association”) is the leading business association for the restaurant and foodservice industry. The Association’s mission is to help members build customer loyalty, rewarding careers, and financial success. Nationally, the industry is made up of one million restaurant and foodservice outlets employing fourteen million people—about ten percent of the American workforce—with a number of those establishments located in Nevada. Despite being an industry of mostly small businesses, the restaurant industry is the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer. In addition, the Nevada Restaurant Association is an affiliate and its members are members of the National Restaurant Association.

The Association shares the view of its member, the Nevada Restaurant Association, that this case and the issues before the Court will have a tremendous impact on the restaurant industry—an industry that is vital to the national and state economies. The Association echoes the views and position presented by the Nevada Restaurant Association in its amicus curiae brief and supports reversal of the District Court’s decision.