State of Nevada Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Governor Sisolak issued Executive Orders requiring closure of “non-essential” businesses in Nevada and restricting public gatherings. It is important for all Nevada employers to understand how these orders will impact their businesses and their employees. Similar to California, many Nevada state agencies have issued guidance on managing employees and maintaining safe workspaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to links to that information, employers in the Las Vegas and Reno/Sparks area will find links to information specific to their locales.

  1. State of Nevada COVID-19 Resource Website
  2. Nevada Labor Commissioner: COVID-19 Resource Page
  3. Nevada Labor Commissioner: COVID-19 Leave Guidance (PDF)
  4. Nevada Labor Commissioner: COVID-19 Employer Guidance (PDF)
  5. Nevada Labor Commissioner: COVID-19 Postings & Bulletins Slideshow (PDF)
  6. Nevada Labor Commissioner (PDF)
  7. Executive Order Requiring Closure of Non-Essential Businesses (PDF)
  8. Press Release Regarding Executive Order Requiring Closure of Non-Essential Businesses (PDF)
  9. Emergency Regulations Defining “Essential Licensed Business” and “Non-Essential Business” (PDF)
  10. Executive Order Restricting Public Gatherings (PDF)
  11. Press Release Regarding Executive Order Restricting Public Gatherings (PDF)
  12. Nevada Dept. of Public and Behavioral Health
  13. NV Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation (PDF)
  14. Nevada Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19 (with FAQs for claimants and employers)
  15. Nevada OSHA Social Distancing Measures for Mining, Construction, and Manufacturing Industries (PDF)
  16. Nevada OSHA Guidance Regarding Social Distancing Measures for Construction Industry (PDF)
  17. Executive Order Prohibiting Evictions and Foreclosures (PDF)
  18. Press Release Regarding Executive Order Prohibiting Evictions and Foreclosures (PDF)
  19. Press Release Governor Sisolak Activates National Guard, Signs Directive to Bring Relief to Healthcare Professionals (PDF)
  20. Updated OSHA Guidance for Essential Businesses
  21. Updated OSHA Guidance for Manufacturing Industry
  22. Executive Order Extending COVID-19 Restrictions through May 15, Easing Some Restrictions as of May 1
  23. Press Release Regarding New Restrictions on Wage Garnishments
  24. Nevada Governor Reopening Guidelines – Roadmap to Recovery Phase I
  25. Nevada OSHA Reopening Guidelines – Roadmap to Recovery Phase I
  26. Declaration of Emergency Directive 018. Phase 1 Reopening
  27. Industry-specific Guidance for Phase 1 Reopening in Nevada
  28. Letter to Nevada Employers
  29. Nevada Telework Guide
  30. Message to All Nevada Business and Industries
  31. Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner FAQ
  32. Nevada Labor Commissioner Reminder About NV Labor Laws and Required Postings
  33. Grocery Store Guidance: Protecting Grocery Store Workers
  34. Farmers Market Safe Operations
  35. Nevada Curbside Commerce Safety Protocols
  36. Guidance Issued on Directives 003 and 013 – Essential and Non-essential Businesses
  37. Nevada Information for Businesses and Workforce
  38. COVID-19 Prevention Guidance for Food Establishments
  39. Nevada OSHA Enforcement Process During COVID-19 Pandemic
  40. Nevada OSHA Updated Guidance for Phase 2 Reopening (June 26, 2020)
  41. Updated Nevada OSHA Enforcement Process During COVID-19 Pandemic (November 2, 2020)
  42. NV Health Response Website
  43. Nevada OSHA has updated its guidance to clarify what face coverings are appropriate for employees.

    • *Section 4 of Nevada Declaration of Emergency Directive #24 states “For the purposes of this Directive, “face covering” is defined as a covering that fully covers a person’s nose and mouth, including without limitation, cloth face masks, surgical masks, towels, scarves, and bandanas.” For employees, Nevada OSHA does not recognize face shields as an alternative to or as an effective “face covering.” The face covering must effectively control the breathing zone and restrain any expelled or exhaled water droplets within the covering.

  44. Revised Executive Order Restricting Public and Private Gatherings (November 25, 2020) (PDF)

Local Guidance for Nevada Employers

  1. Reno/Sparks Nevada COVID-19 Business Operations Guide (PDF) (Updated March 23rd, 2020)
  2. Clark County Nevada Temporary Liquor Licenses for Restaurants Providing Curbside Service by Jurisdiction

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