Federal and California Guidance for Agriculture

SHLC represents many employers in agriculture and related industries. This sector faces some unique challenges coping with workplace issues during the current pandemic.

Federal Guidance for Agriculture

  1. U.S. Department of Agriculture COVID Webpage
  2. USDA Announces Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)
  3. USDA and DOL Announce Information Sharing to Assist H-2A Employers

State of California Guidance for Agriculture

  1. California Department of Food and Agriculture COVID Resources
  2. COVID-19 Daily Checklist for Agricultural Employees
  3. COVID-19 General Checklist for Agricultural Employees
  4. Infection Prevention for Agricultural Employers and Employees
  5. Infection Prevention for Agricultural Workers
  6. Agriculture and Livestock Industry Guidance
  7. Food Packing and Processing Industry Guidance

Recorded Podcast Interviews with Experts and Agency Leaders on Employer COVID-19 Issues

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  2. Keeping your Employees Safe and Healthy While Limiting the Spread of COVID-19-James Boretti
  3. Are you Eligible for a Disaster Relief Loan From the SBA-Joseph Amato
  4. How to Handle Employee Requests for Accommodation during the COVID-19 Pandemic-William Tamayo
  5. How to Negotiate Your Commercial Lease Agreement in Times of Crisis — Brady McGuinness
  6. Interview with Attorney James Wilkins, Esq. on COVID-19 and it’s Effects on Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for Employers
  7. Interview with Jared Banes of LP Insurance on General Liability Insurance Implications for Employers During the Covid-19 Era
  8. Interview With The Nevada Labor Commissioner Shannon Chambers: Critical Issues For Employers During The Pandemic
  9. Interview with Stephen Rodgers, Program Coordinator of Safety Consultation and Training Section, OSHA, NV
  10. Interview with Sutton Hague Law Corporation’s Attorneys on What California Employers Need to Know About California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  11. Interview with Tax Attorney Robert Wood on Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Issues for Employers